Nuna helps employers answer the toughest healthcare questions with modern technology and fresh perspective.


We empower employers and their consulting partners to better understand three big problems—What is driving trends? What's working? And what could work? Led by rigorous data science, the latest technology, and analytic services provided by dedicated support teams, Nuna helps employers to gain a range of insights from their proprietary data.


Analytics Platform

Our analytics platform provides an easy to use interface, allowing dynamic access to key indicators so that your team can monitor trends in healthcare costs, utilization, quality, and organizational “hot spots”. It also equips you with powerful tools for mining data so that you can size new opportunities for cost management, care quality, and health improvement.

Backed by Nuna's secure and flexible data platform, the analytics platform leverages data from medical and pharmacy claims, wellness program engagement, and disability, absence, biometric, and employee survey reports. Using rich and easily-accessible information, employers can compare their performance to industry benchmarks, investigate cost drivers, and monitor the benefits of wellness campaigns and other intervention strategies.


Custom Analytics

Sometimes we need to do more to understand the major ingredients of market change: quality of care and network dynamics. In these cases, Nuna invites clients to partner with us—an unmatched opportunity to have the best people in healthcare working to improve the health of a population.

On projects like provider profiling, outcomes measurement, and program evaluation, we work hand in hand with clients to identify the right questions and the best approaches to answering them. Nuna is candid about our goals, what is possible, and the extent to which we can produce helpful information to maximize your healthcare dollars.


Partner With Us

To learn more about partnering, reach us at info@nuna.com.