The Challenge of Employee Healthcare Data

Managing and analyzing employee healthcare data is complicated. Aggregating large and diverse datasets can be a headache. Data quality is a constant issue, which means data cleaning, curation, and normalization is critical. And sophisticated analyses are often difficult without the right technology infrastructure.

Sophisticated data analysis is difficult without the right infrastructure.

A Better Way to Monitor Healthcare Costs and Quality

We’ve heard time and time again from employers that they want more from their analytics. Instead of simply tracking what they’ve done before, they want to know what they should do in the future. This kind of actionable insight requires more than just reporting—it requires a strategic analytics partner. Our data platform and team of industry experts can help you answer your toughest healthcare questions and make the best decisions for your employees.

Core Questions

Answer questions like:

Dashboards track trends in overall costs, underlying population health, utilization patterns, and outcomes so you can identify opportunities for focused interventions that lead to quality and cost improvements.

Answer questions like:

  • What factors are driving my overall cost trend?
  • What are the characteristics of the population that impact health?
  • What services do my members use? What do they spend money on?

Analytics Sandbox

Answer questions like:

Dozens of customized fields and dimensions allow you to create your own data sets. You can drill down to claim-line-level data, visualize results, and easily export reports as PDFs or Excel worksheets.

Answer questions like:

  • What’s the per-employee cost this year for my Northeast region, and how does that compare to last year?
  • How do my claims compare to those of an industry-adjusted benchmark population with a demographic and geographic makeup similar to mine?

Curated Analytics

Answer questions like:

Identify broader program opportunities and protect against future cost increases using predictive analytics based on industry-leading research and rigorous models developed by our team of data scientists.

Answer questions like:

  • How large is my undiagnosed opioid-addicted population? What future impact could this have on our health care expenses?
  • Where should I target specific opportunities related to the overuse, underuse, and/or misuse of care?

Modern Technology, Rigorous Security

Our data infrastructure is built using the latest technology, privacy, security, and quality standards to surface reliable information quickly. We use:

Secure cloud-based data storage.

HIPAA and SOC2 compliant systems.

Comprehensive data quality reviews.

Fast, flexible analytics and reporting tools.

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