Nuna provides information technology and data science services to government agencies to help them achieve their critical healthcare missions.


Our Core Competencies


Healthcare Data Processing

Nuna has developed fast and accurate data processing, a modern platform, and analytic systems that allow the collection, validation, cleaning, storage, visualization, and analysis of complex health data, all at scale.


Data Reporting & Analysis

Our experts in healthcare, data science, and health economics help clients explore and understand their healthcare data, using advanced machine learning and statistical methods to make sense of messy, complex data.


Technology Best Practices & Agile Development Support

Nuna provides agile software development and delivery services. Our team of leading engineers build reliable, scalable information systems, using industry-leading technologies and services—such as Amazon’s cloud—on massively ambitious projects that range from fixing and modernizing, to creating the first federal Medicaid data platform in history.


Partner With Us

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