Built for Populations and Members

To stay competitive, health plans are guiding members to care options that deliver positive outcomes and contain costs. We surface actionable insights about your population and individual providers so you can provide a great member experience.

We surface actionable insights about your population and providers.

Our Data Assets

Our solutions are powered by data—and powerful algorithms that help you make sense of that data.

  1. We start by using your claims and network data.
  2. Our platform ensures that our insights reflect your population, your local market, and your negotiated prices.
  3. We augment your data with comprehensive individual-level data from CMS.
  4. Our algorithms then intelligently combine information across these data sources, adding depth and accuracy to your insights.

Our Solutions

We help you evaluate your providers and network with a high degree of accuracy by using statistics and predictive analytics to uncover meaningful insights.

Meaningful Matching

  • Optimize matches so new and existing members are paired with the best PCP for their needs.
  • Tailor recommendations based on member health needs, provider capacity, geography, and more.

Provider Insight

  • Identify high-performing providers across your network and within specific service areas using composite cost and quality metrics.
  • Help determine which new providers to contract with and which existing providers need targeted intervention.
  • Set payment rate adjustments based on performance metrics.

Network Curation

  • Simulate how a new provider network will perform in terms of cost, quality, and member retention.
  • Measure your performance against network adequacy requirements.

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