Nuna offers health plans and integrated provider systems two core products: the Nuna Data Platform and the Nuna Network Product Suite.


Data Platform

Our modern, cloud-based Data Platform enables users to aggregate various data sources, support plan operations, and answer complex questions about their provider network and members’ health needs.


Network Product Suite

Our Network Product Suite provides insights about network and provider performance, as well as the horsepower to simulate the effect of changes in network composition and payment structure.

In addition to leveraging our clients’ own data, Nuna also supplements additional, public and privately available data sets in order to provide greater resolution on provider networks.


Our Product Roadmap


Provider Performance Measurement

Profiles of provider performance along the dimensions of cost, quality, value, and accessibility.

Network Change Simulations

Simulations of changes in network design to demonstrate impact on health plan metrics and strategic goals.

Network Adequacy Measurement

Geographic visualizations of networks, adequacy requirements, and patient access.


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