A Connected View of Population Health

Moving from fee-for-service to value-based care models requires a holistic view of patient activity and outcomes throughout your system. To succeed, you need innovative solutions to evaluate provider performance and improve care coordination.

A holistic view of outcomes throughout your system.

Our Data Assets

Our solutions are powered by data—and powerful algorithms that help you make sense of that data.

  1. We start by using your system’s data.
  2. Our platform ensures that our insights reflect your population, your local market, and your negotiated prices.
  3. We augment your data with comprehensive individual-level data from CMS.
  4. Our algorithms then intelligently combine information across these data sources, adding depth and accuracy to your insights.

Our Solutions

We help you evaluate your providers with a high degree of accuracy using statistics and predictive analytics to surface meaningful insights.

Provider Insight

  • Identify high-performing and underperforming providers using composite cost and quality metrics.
  • Surface providers who need targeted performance improvement and care management resources.

System Insight

  • Uncover referral patterns among your PCPs that help you improve care coordination.
  • Identify providers who are top candidates for ACOs and other risk-sharing arrangements.
  • Evaluate how an external practice or hospital adds value to your existing delivery system.

Meaningful Matches

  • Tailor PCP recommendations so patients are matched with the best doctor for their health needs.
  • Improve patient satisfaction with the doctors they see and care they receive.

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