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Better Care
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Compared to peer nations, Americans pay some of the highest rates and see some of the poorest outcomes for health care—and the trend is only getting worse. As the gap between affordability and quality widens, access to cost-effective healthcare becomes more difficult for more Americans, every day.


Together we can fix American healthcare.


We want to make things better. By forming partnerships on data-driven projects we can make the most of our ingenuity, leading technology, and steady moral compass. The more we learn about how Americans use healthcare, the more we can uncover insights and create opportunities to improve the care that people receive – and the closer we come to making quality care affordable to everyone.


What We Do


Nuna partners with government, employers, and health plans to improve quality of care. By translating data into meaning, we shine a light on the parts of the system that really work—as well as those that don’t. With these actionable insights, our partners can invest in programs that improve health outcomes, drive value-based care, and increase access to high-quality providers for ever broader populations.


We have a long record of success...


We have a long record of success despite our short time on the scene. Between building a modern data platform for Medicaid data, evaluating programs for a growing number of our country’s most prominent employers, and developing innovative approaches to building high-performance networks in partnership with health plans, Nuna has proven time and again that no challenge is too great.



Nuna provides information technology and data science services to government agencies to help them achieve their critical healthcare missions.


Nuna helps employers answer the toughest healthcare questions with modern technology and fresh perspective.


Nuna offers health plans and integrated provider systems two core products: the Nuna Data Platform and the Nuna Network Product Suite.


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